Between Dream and Reality

21-11-2016 14:01

Paris-born Lisbon-based artist Joana Vasconcelos (1971) is currently exposed in Gstaad at Patricia Low Contemporary's gallery.

The acclaimed and internationally renowned Portuguese artist came to public attention for her sculpture "The Bride" at the 2005 Venice Biennale, a 5 meter tall chandelier made of 25’000 tampons.

Her work is eye-catching, edgy and subversive, with sculptures, assemblages and installations that reveal her vision of contemporary society, and the contrast between tradition and modernity.

Interested in ideas of womanhood, family and nationality, she often incorporates crafts like knitting and crochet into her art, as well as ceramic figures taken from common household items.

The exhibition in Gstaad features her recent crochet paintings, the Tetris sculptures and her seminal  Bordalos, which are her traditional ceramics with crochet.

Her ornamental style, made of careful ceramics and handmade crochet, takes the viewer to a mystical fantasy world. Intriguing and detailed sculptures of animals, such as lizards, frogs and snails, offer a vision between dream and reality, with an aura of mistery.

You are still in time to visit the astonishing exhibition of Vasconcelos’ work on view in Gstaad, at Patricia Low Contemporary, until December 2.

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