28-02-2017 21:49

Light is essential to any interior space, being one of the most effective tools used to shape our environment, visually and emotionally.

Without the correct lighting, even the most expensive decoration can appear flat and incomplete.
On the other hand, basic fittings and furnishings can look fabulous if lit well.

Our experience in the field of art exhibitions has taught us to consider light as a magical tool.
Light can alter the space, change proportions and colors, create atmospheres that affect people’s mood and emotions.

Light reveals the forms; it can enhance or diminish elements of the environment such as widths, heights and proportions and influence how we perceive them.

When a room’s ceiling is too low, indirect lighting on a white ceiling, visually uplifts  the boundaries and enhances spatial perception.

If it’s too high, the aspect ratio can be improved by lighting the lower part of the walls and reducing the light level on the ceiling.

When dealing with a narrow corridor, its width can be increased visually by distributing light over the walls, leaving the floor and the ceiling in shadow.

Color variable light sources can instead help to correct visually the irregular spaces, creating a wrap around effect.

Successful lighting is all about the balance: when devising a good lighting scheme, the secret is to build up different layers of light, some for function, others for atmosphere.

Today there is a wide variety of lighting systems and sources: mastering the light can make a total difference in terms of transformation of a space and represents the real added value in a well-conceived project.

Also, a clever design should always maximize the amount of natural light entering the home.  

Changing the color of a wall,  replacing internal walls with windows, bouncing light around with mirror and metallic surfaces,  installing a roof light are just some of the possible interventions to light up dark spaces and to change the style of your home.

These interventions can improve the quality of your living space in a cost effective way.
Dependent upon your budget and requirements, there are many options to make improvements in any area of your home.

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