Before & After. Visualize your dream home before commitment

01-04-2016 12:38

As architects, we’ve looked at so many homes and so many floor plans that we can quickly conjure up an image of what rooms will look like before they exist.
For most of the people, though, buying o remodeling a home from a set of floor plans or choosing options from samples can feel like a blind date.
2D drawings are straightforward tools between professionals but they fall short when speaking to the final user, leading to confusion about the actual layout or look of a finished home or building.
Increasingly, 3D imagery are the new tool to break down communication barriers between builders, designers and customers.
Graphical renderings are computer-generated illustrations that offer a 3D-looking view of a planned property, home or building. The still images are created with advanced software that shows precise details in high definition, their quality mimics that of a photograph.
A detailed 3D-rendered image quite literally transports the viewer into another space. There is no better way to get a feel of a property and its overall design than to see it in three dimensions.
3D renderings and 3D virtual tours show a building from above, inside and around with a complete 360-degree view. 
When building or buying or renovating a home, you are more likely to develop an emotional connection if you can visualize it.
A home is just as much about emotion as it is an investment and a 3D rendering can help you visualize your dream home.
These images provide the chance to make sure you love the looks of a home before it is built or furnished - you can make changes if you don’t like a particular detail, and test out different layouts, finishes, paint colors, lighting and materials before committing to anything. 
Nothing’s wrong with traditional house plans but most of the times these drawings just don’t bring out emotion the way a 3-D image does. 3D computer graphics uses a three-dimensional illustration of data, which gives the real-world feel.
When selling an empty house or an apartment, a 3D-rendered image is a real added value: it will show off the property in the best possible light and help visualize how the empty home can look once it is furnished, therefore decisions can be made much quicker for the buyer.
Renderings can be used to enhance a property and to demonstrate various design options. They allow you to make changes while the structure is still conceptual, not after construction starts - saving everyone time and money.
Whether you're remodeling, buying, selling or building a new home, 3-D renderings can help you save money and get exactly what you want on your home project.
So, thanks to computer graphics... no more blind dates !
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