Interiors from Spain

26-06-2017 19:45

PlusDesign took part to a trip to Spain dedicated to German and Swiss architects and interior designers.
We visited some of the best design firms and showrooms in Barcelona and Alicante area.
Thanks to Icex, to Interiors from Spain and to the Spanish Embassy in Bern for the kind invitation to the tour.

We joined the trip with: Raumkontor Innenarchitektur, Interiors by Stephanie Kasel, Hild und K Architekten, Mint Architecture AG, Studio Gessaga, Ruth Falise-Grauer, Bettina Horz Innenarchitektur, Andrea Susan Güthge and Marco Serra Architekt. It was great meeting you all.

We visited the production sites and the showrooms of: Actiu, BD Barcelona, Bover, Casadesus, Ecus, Expormim, Grupo Levantina, Mariano Farrugia - Soffitti Pelli, Marset, Nani Marquina, Suinta, TextilOlius. Thanks to all the firms for the warm welcome.

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