Infinite Life

26-08-2017 21:20

Montreux Biennale is a sculpture exhibition organized during summer along the lakeshore.
Abstract or figurative, the selected artworks are ideally placed on a 1km walk in a pedestrian area along Geneva Lake.
Started with its first edition in 2008, the 5th edition of the Biennale displays a selection of around 30 artworks and artists from all over the world.
The unique location of the Montreux Biennale allows the artists to present their artworks in an exceptional context with Geneva Lake as background.
The artworks must feet with artistic and technical criteria. Exposed during 3 months outside, they have to be built in strong materials able to endure sun, rain and wind.
This year’s special guest is the artist Kang Mu-Xiang from Taiwan, with two sculptures, Infinite Life and Ru-Yi Life.
The artist is renowned for transforming discarded materials into eye-catching artworks.
His tightly coiled lines trace out the image of life in its original form, steel embryos reborn from the discarded elevator cables of the Taipei 101 observatory tower. Amazing.

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