Sign of the Times. Essential style, timeless elegance.

04-04-2016 16:25

Design timepieces
ESSENTIAL STYLE, timeless elegance

Watches are Andrea's special passion, and one of the few accessories he wears.
With cell phones being a convenience now, a wristwatch can be considered rather unnecessary, however we still have excellent reasons for wearing it.
Probably because it follows us everywhere in a far more elegant way than its competitors! Or just because, being strictly connected to our body and gestures,  we naturally see it as an expression of our personality.
A watch should make you feel comfortable in your own skin: it is an extension of the personality of the wearer and an expression of his individual feeling of time.
Many architects and designers wanted to pay a tribute to this subject and have designed some sleek timepieces, iconic examples of timeless elegance and contemporary flair.
If you love design and are looking for timepieces (and not for expensive status symbols) that reinterpret the watch as an elegant accessory, there’s a lot to choose: take a look at our board on Pinterest  and find out Andrea’s favorite ones.
You’ll find a selection of affordable watches, value for money, nothing to envy to more famous and expensive brands.
Hope you liked our collection and found your favorite timepiece, be sure to share your favorite in the comments section below.
The day you’ll be wearing it, don’t be surprised if your friends are more likely to ask you ..., what are you wearing here? Instead of the more usual ... what time is it?

Elegance is in the details.

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Maria Laura Berlinguer

19-04-2016 19:58

Passion for watches ....wonderful article. Well done!!


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