5 Ways to Add Style to your Home

02-03-2018 09:26

Creating simple and chic spaces is more challenging than it looks, but in the end designing interiors is very much like cooking: what we need is the balance of the ingredients to make the right mix!
 So here are our tips to make your home more stylish.

1. Look at the space you have with brand new eyes. Before you make any choices, analyze which are its best assets and decide how you can showcase them. A beautiful floor, a floor-to-ceiling window, a special view: make the most of your home’s unique features. Consider the size and shape of each room and keep it in mind when selecting furniture. Just moving a single piece from one room to another or from one wall to another can be transformative. Move it.

2. Lighting is one of the most important elements of a space. Enhance natural light and use window treatments to direct it how you want. Think of artificial light in terms of layers: ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting. Make effective lighting choices for every layer. Decorative lighting brings out the shape of objects, the “feel” of texture, and it creates mood and ambience. A light fixture can be the focal point of a room and set the tone for an entire space. Turn it on.

3. Balance, proportion and harmony are essential in a layout. The space feels right and everything works together. Bring in simple lines and shapes and combine the elements as a unity. When everything is right with the space, the space makes us feel just right! Think about a cohesive play of furnitures and fixtures, each piece as part of a whole and lose anything overcharged, stick to pieces that keep the eye moving really easily. Add contrast in small doses and... Keep the balance.

4. Keep the color palette very tight, remember that too many colors make a space look busy and cluttered. Nail down a color palette and use color to create cohesion in a space that lacks it. Stick to neutral colors and mix them with a tonal palette (a range of colors in the same color family). Break the uniformity with bright pillows.  A feature wall painted in the right color can be a great choice too. Splash it.

5. Variety is the spice of life and the spice of interiors, without sufficient contrast a room can be dull. Add interest and liven up the space while adding a variety of patterns and textures in your color palette. Bring in linens, silks, wools, velvets in your textiles; mix pottery, clay, porcelain in your accessories. Different textures are something you don't notice at first glance in a room, but they add richness and build up a comfortable atmosphere. Use lots of contrasting textures to create something easy on the eye and pleasant to the touch! Feel the difference.

Now that you know the rules... just add your personal touch! It’s your home. Make a statement. Bring in life through plants. Add a retro designer piece. Go for that one-of-a-kind artwork. Find a statement rug.  Display your unique collection of model chairs (OK, this is my choice...). In a word express what is meaningful and significant to you. Adding these “Where did you get that?!” items will instantly make any space feel more stylish. Show off your personality and make your space stand out. It’s up to you.

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