THINK BIG! Transformable homes, smart projects for small spaces

04-04-2016 23:36

As lifestyles and technology change and evolve, so do our homes: a wide range of functions have to be packed into apartments that seem to be getting smaller and smaller.
This is the reason why, when you deal with small spaces, you have to think big!
Laying out tight spaces requires creative solutions and technical know-how.
A smart project can transform a few square meters flat into a multi-use apartment where different interior layouts and multipurpose furniture suit a variety of functions and fulfill our need for freedom.

We picked some of our favorite projects of micro-homes, in which space constraints are not seen as a limit but as a chance to experiment and innovate.
Take a look at our board on Pinterest if you want to learn more about these projects and see many others!

These interiors provide comfortable ergonomics and functionality in a sleek and uncluttered design.
Rather than trying to fit the furnitures into the space, the space itself is modeled as a full-scale furniture.
Lofts, ultra-compact staircases, slide-outs and multipurpose furniture provide multiple layouts and a convertible interior space.
In this mountain chalet, a rotating wall contains the TV unit, shelves and drawers but also hides a storage room beneath the stairs, defining the space as a piece of furniture but also doubling as a door and divider.

Collapsible elements, moveable walls, built-in furniture solutions, hidden motorized systems, metal frames and light materials, enable to add new functions to a dynamic, compact living unit.

The interiors allow different settings, daytime and nighttime layouts shift the sceneries of the house, as in a theatre, reflecting the dynamic lifestyle of the user.
Sliding doors, moveable elements, built-in furniture and storage solutions manage to give a spacious feel to this micro apartment by the sea.

More than ever, design is the truly added value of these homes: you can save on the square meters but not on the ideas!

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