Conference Halls - Rougemont

Conference rooms in Rougemont 

The conference rooms and the brainstorming room offer an unconventional and transformable layout, to allow mutual opinion exchange as well as moments of introspection or meditation. 
The concept is inspired by the alpine scenery: the roof window allows the natural light to penetrate the space, the room is either symbolically or physically open to the sky, seen as the first source of inspiration of ideas and fantasy.
The verticality of real tree trunks, from floor to ceiling , is reflected on  the image of a forest reproduced on a dark mirrored surface.
The suspended chairs, ottomans upholstered in fur and pebble-shaped lamps, placed directly on the ground, enhance the atmosphere of an enchanted forest.
The brainstorming room, with its unconventional and transformable layout, adds a contemporary twist to the purity of the interiors.