Renovation - Chalet Valcœur

Between September 2017 and December 2018, the Chalet Valcœur in Château-d'Œx underwent a renovation work, followed by architecture studio.
The works involved the extension of the basement, the closure of a loggia on the upper floor, the creation of a pergola on the upper floor, and finally the internal works with the creation of the new dining room, the Spa area and the renovation of the bathrooms.
The project followed the concept of total integration with the existing structure. It was very important for the owners that all additions and adaptations were in harmony with the rest of the chalet.
The new south façade enclosed the existing loggia, continuing the series of windows. On the east side, a new terrace has ideally extended the space of the enlarged dining room, opening an incomparable view towards the mountains. The wooden structure of the pergola, with an integrated curtain system and Led lighting, makes it possible to use anytime this new outdoor space, as a natural extension of the house. The terrace floor lays on the new basement extension of the Spa.
The internal transformations concerned the extension of the kitchen, with the new buffet island, with integrated wine cooler and new storage spaces, which serves as a link with the extended dining room obtained with the closure of the loggia.
The kitchen floor is covered with Burgundy stone and the dining room floor is covered with large wooden planks in oak;  the wainscoting is in ancient pinewood and proposes the same design of the existing wood found in the chalet. The custom detail of the ceiling displays planks in carved wood, recovered from the original façade, integrated in the design of the frame, containing the indirect lighting strip LEDs and the Swarovski crystal pendant lamp.
In the basement, the new spaces for the Spa host a six-person hot tub, an emotional shower, a steam fireplace, a sauna and a Turkish bath, an indoor relaxation area and an outdoor terrace, with a breath-taking view of the mountains.
The design reflects a concept of sobriety and minimalism, while keeping the cosy atmosphere of the chalet with details such as the built-in vapour fireplace or the carved wood reused to frame a wall. The adjustable indirect lighting on the ceiling, the natural textures of the wall coatings, the soft lines of the custom sofa bed help to convey a discreet sense of luxury and a sense of well being.
In the Spa as in the bathrooms, the new furniture has followed the lines of the existing furniture and have also been made of antique wood; the wood-effect porcelain stoneware flooring with inlay design remains in line with the desire for tradition and harmonizes with these shades. The clean lines of the Corian surfaces, the large stone-effect wall slabs, the essential-design bathroom fixtures, the glass doors, the mirrors with integrated lighting, the accessories, taps and lamps express the desire to remain contemporary while respecting the tradition.
We thank the companies for the excellent work they have done.
Moratti & Söhne AG - Gstaad
The company has performed: on-site installations, demolition and dismantling; drilling and sawing of concrete and masonry, excavations and earthworks, cable protection pipes, reinforced concrete; soil handling work, outdoor flooring; installation of curbs, transport of gravel and soil.
Swisschalet Sàrl - Rougemont
The company has realized: expansion of the dining room, construction of balconies, solid wood pergola, windows and French windows, construction of furniture and wall coverings for bathrooms, and the Spa area.
Plastering - Painting - Insulation
Luc Terraz - Château d'Oex
The company has performed: interior and exterior insulation works, interior plastering and painting work, bathrooms, corridors and spas, false ceilings, Turkish bath vaulted ceiling; niches with walls of the steam fireplace and vaulted ceiling of the Turkish bath.
Electrical system
Berdoz Electricity Sàrl- Rougemont
The company has created: interior lighting systems in the dining room, bathrooms, corridors and the SPA; connections and connections to appliances and Spa systems; switch installation; outdoor pergola lighting systems.
Hydraulic system
Schwitzguébel Team SA - Rougemont
The company has performed: installations of sanitary appliances and fittings in the bathrooms and in the Spa; underfloor heating system in the SPA in the basement and in the dining room; ventilation; external taps; laying of canals and pergola pipes.
Thierry Schopfer - Rougemont
Waterproofing and insulation of the new terrace.
Glass Works
Kowalski – Romont