Restaurant Le Roc - Rougemont

Restaurant Le Roc - Rougemont

The interiors are designed to convey to guests the authentic charm and welcoming feel of a mountain chalet; the decor is inspired by the very principle of the typical alpine hospitality, with several elements of the local tradition: the upholstered benches, the reclaimed lumber beams, the cow bells, are typical elements of the local farms, that remind the bond between gastronomy and authenticity.

The lighting is warm, with suspended lamps on the tables and large golden discs on the ceilings; their uneven surface refers to the magical light of the moon while, while their round shape reminds that of the traditional engraved brass suns.

The balance between heaven and earth is one of the themes in the decoration of the Hotel: the eye is drawn up high when contemplating the mountains, so elements of interest have been added to the ceilings.

The reclaimed lumber from old Swiss chalets brings life and charm to the pared back lines of the wall coatings, providing the interiors with a natural and sophisticated effect.

The overall atmosphere of the bar is stylish yet relaxed: the discreet sense of luxury of of the backlit gold-onyx bar is paired with the cozy presence of the central fireplace.