M.A.R.E. is a micro-apartment by the sea.
This holiday unit is conceived like a tiny boat house, not a single square centimeter goes unused. 
The project required a flexible use of space and adaptable solutions: multi-functional furnishings and a free-flowing environment allow different configurations. 
Sliding partitions and interior windows let the light and the wind flow freely across the space, to the delight of the owner, a windsurfing enthusiast.
Moveable elements, built-in furniture and storage solutions manage to give a spacious feel and a sense of essential elegance and comfort. 
Daytime and nighttime layout shift the sceneries of the house, reflecting the dynamic lifestyle of the user.
Space elements and finishes are conceived to enhance the connection to the landscape, to maximize the natural light and embrace the view of the sea. 
Poured resin floors in a grey matte finish provide a perfectly seamless surface, as well as the resin walls in a lighter grey in the kitchen and in the bathroom. 
In the bathroom: the shower wall and the shower tray are in natural Ardesia stone, interior window in acid-etched glass; frosted glass wash basins. In the kitchen: stainless steel custom worktop with integrated sink basin.
The muted color scheme of the upholstery evokes the marine landscape and blends in naturally with the general whiteness, providing a sense of balance and well being.