Hotel de Rougemont

A' Design Award 2015 - Member of Design Hotels

The project brief of the Hotel de Rougemont was to transform an existing building into a contemporary boutique hotel, with a discreet sense of luxury and a friendly atmosphere. Inspired from the surrounding nature and from the local architecture, the interiors provide a harmonious combination of old and new.

Situated in a region of idyllic beauty and Alpine tradition, in the same ski area as the glamorous Gstaad, the Hotel is dedicated to an international and sophisticated clientele.

The interior design necessarily started as a reflection of the surrounding beauty; the interiors aimed to reach a harmonious relationship with the splendid views of the mountain landscape. The balance between natural and artificial is the key concept of the project: the design of each space and element proposes a contemporary yet timeless style that reflects and celebrates the unique charm of Rougemont and the untamed beauty of its landscape.

Each of the 19 bedrooms and 14 suites have a customized layout: clean lines and handpicked natural materials are combined with glass surfaces, in a contemporary and warm reinterpretation of the alpine chic.The traditional alpine timber framed walls and the wooden tray ceilings, are balanced by the rough-textured plaster finish on the wall and by the lightness of the surfaces in bronze mirror glass.

Wool, linen, leather and sumptuous pelts, form a cohesive play of tones and textures inspired by nature and enhance the sense of harmony. The presence of glass and mirrored surfaces provide multiple reflections while adding a sense of lightness and transparency to the whole, thus recalling the closeness to the sky and to the water of the Alpine lakes and rivers.

> The Design Hotels Book 2016

> Bronze A'Design Award 2015 - Interior design & Exhibition spaces

> Spectrooms n.6/2014 - Re-invented Tradition

> Decor n.1/2015 - Sense of Well-being

> Darc n.13/2016 - Focal Point

> Darc n.14/2016 - Heart of Gold

> Bien Vivre Pays de Vaud - 2015/2016