Helicopter delivery

Chalet in Gérignoz

This holiday home with spectacular mountain views is situated in the quiet valley of Gerignoz, near Gstaad.
The interiors had to reflect the cosmopolitan spirit of the owner, offering something new and up-to-date in order to meet his needs and expectations.
Furnishings and accessories are a mix of new, contemporary furniture, as well as antique, vintage and traditional pieces or eclectic finds sourced from all over Europe and US.
The intent was to convey a discreet sense of luxury combined with the cosy atmosphere of an Alpine chalet.
Some materials and finishes had already been set before our intervention, so we had to pay more attention to blend in with the existing features.
The staircase has been enclosed with a glass wall to increase the overall brightness by adding multiple reflections of the open-space living area and its stunning views.
Hand sketches, concept boards, CAD drawings, CGI visualisations, sample boards and artwork propositions made the design process easy and enjoyable for our client.
Due to its size, the one-piece sofa had to be delivered by helicopter and was brought in from the balcony.

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